the first Cave Resort in Parga

With more and more people becoming environmentally conscious, many luxury hotels have started to take measures to be eco-friendly.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, Isavoria resort also aims to provide its guests with top-quality service. 

A hidden treasure

Its unique architecture, makes the resort almost invisible. It exploits the advantageous character of its environment in harmonization with its natural surroundings while the innovative designs of its spaces and the smart technology offer an outstanding experience.

The location

Isavoria Eco Chic resort, is situated on the hill of the Chrysogiali beach of Parga, Greece. Its location offers a unique view of the Valtos sandy beach and the Venetian Castle of Parga, a historical monument that gathers visitors from all over the word.

The architects, desided to create an one of a kind Resort, that will respect the environment by taking care of the smallest possible environmental footprint. Its underground structure, hidden in the hill, has a unrestricted view of the gulf, offering privacy while it is so close to the beach.